This website was originally "designed" to coincide with a Clip of the Week titled "The Others" from... I dunno, 2 years ago? Yeah, it's still here. Right now I'm using it to help wit an experiment. If I've sent you here, please let me know if this embed of the recent DEATH BATTLE works better than the post on Please let me know through my Twitter or Facebook.


 To be clear, we are NOT asking if the embed simply works. We want to know if it plays better than the original post, especially if the original post isn't working for you. Think of this as a little experiment! We want to know if those who have problems with the video on ScrewAttack can watch it better here.

 And no, we will not be posting videos here. This "website" was just a convenient tool available for this and was never meant to be anything but a joke for a video a long long long time ago....